J2400x3600-55613My name is Anna Novikova and I am the designer, creator and dreamer behind the AktiwNation brand. After years of being a dancer and working in the sports fashion industry, I decided to focus all my knowledge and create the AktiwNation brand. AktiwNation is not simply a sports brand; it’s an idea to unite people who care about a healthy and active lifestyle. It’s an idea to create a healthy nation, where people care about each other no matter what sport you are playing, or what religion or nationality you belong to. It’s an idea to create thousands of AktiwNations around the world in which we encourage each other to have a healthy and fulfilled life.

I have been working and living with the AktiwNation collection for the last 6 months - designing prints, creating silhouettes, and searching for a functional fabric that looks good on every body type, like you’re wearing a second skin that keeps everything in place. As a dancer, I know how important it is to feel comfortable in your sport clothes. Comfortable clothes make you feel good about yourself and increase your overall performance during a work-out. Comfortability was one of the key priorities for me.

This collection extends beyond dance, pilates, running, hiking, cross fit or any other activity your heart desires to your everyday wardrobe. AktiwNation will let you express your personal creativity and fashionista attitude in and out of the gym. Don’t worry girls, you will look great and stylish and make an impression anywhere you go.

Taking inspiration from living in Europe and America, I created this line for you, people who value inside and outside beauty, care about a healthy lifestyle, push the limits, take the challenge and demand the best in fashion and function. I do it all for you with LOVE and hope you will enjoy wearing this line.

I would also love to thanks these people for helping make my dream a reality. I appreciate it all beyond belief.

Graphic Designer – Valeria Fateycheva

Photographer – Kassie Borreson 

Videographer - Beyond Pix Studios

Make up artist -  Paul Xayarath

Dance Family – Alana Mag, Corinna Kwok from GEARY DANCE CENTER, Irina Yemel, Kim Holt, Mithra Harivandi, Rachel Williams, Talitha D’Couto, Tamara Shuttle.